Apache Request Library

libapreq2 Version 2.8.0 More...


file  apreq.h
 Main header file...

Define the generic APREQ_ macros and common data structures.

file  apreq_cookie.h
 Cookies and Jars.

apreq_cookie.h describes a common server-side API for request (incoming) and response (outgoing) cookies. It aims towards compliance with the standard cookie specifications listed below.

file  apreq_error.h
 Error status codes.

Define the APREQ_ error codes.

file  apreq_module.h
 Module API.
file  apreq_param.h
 Request parsing and parameter API.
file  apreq_parser.h
 Request body parser API.
file  apreq_util.h
 Utility functions for apreq.
file  apreq_version.h
 Versioning API for libapreq

There are several different mechanisms for accessing the version. There is a string form, and a set of numbers; in addition, there are constants which can be compiled into your application, and you can query the library being used for its actual version.

Detailed Description

libapreq2 Version 2.8.0

libapreq2 is a shared library based on the Apache Portable Runtime libraries libapr and libaprutil.

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Configuring libapreq2 Applications

This package includes apreq2-config, a configuration script for building applications with libapreq2. Run apreq2-config --help to display its options. XXX add examples here XXX