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Pre-Release Test Versions

This directory contains pre-release test versions of the Apache HTTP Server and are not officially released tarballs. Please use only for testing.

For official releases, please see the download page.

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[TXT]Announcement2.4.html2015-12-08 20:35 2.9KApache HTTP Server Project
[TXT]Announcement2.2.html2015-07-16 16:39 3.3KApache HTTP Server Project
[DIR]mod_mbox/2015-02-17 18:14 -  
[DIR]mod_ftp/2015-02-17 18:14 -  
[DIR]mod_fcgid/2015-02-17 18:14 -  
[   ]CHANGES_2.4.182015-12-08 20:35 4.9K 
[   ]CHANGES_2.42015-12-08 20:35 191K 
[TXT]Announcement2.4.txt2015-12-08 20:35 2.1K 
[TXT]Announcement2.2.txt2015-07-16 16:39 2.5K