Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3

You are looking at the documentation for the 1.3 version of the Apache HTTP Server, which is no longer maintained, and has been declared "end of life". If you are in fact still using the 1.3 version, please consider upgrading. The current version of the server is 2.4.

This module is obsolete. As of version 1.2 of Apache, it has been replaced with mod_usertrack.

Module mod_cookies

This module is contained in the mod_cookies.c file, and is not compiled in by default. It provides for Netscape(TM) cookies. There is no documentation available for this module.


Syntax: CookieLog filename
Context: server config, virtual host
Status: Experimental
Module: mod_cookies

In current versions of the server, you can log cookies with mod_log_config

The CookieLog directive sets the filename for logging of cookies. The filename is relative to the ServerRoot.