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Installation instructions

mod_smtpd is very easy to install and setup. First, we need to build the module and make the Apache HTTPd webserver load it. Then, we'll setup our archives repository and complete Apache's configuration.

mod_smtpd has, of course, some requirements :

Download and build

Checkout sources via Subversion : svn checkout mod_smtpd Then, build mod_smtpd : ./


make clean all

su -c 'make install'
Refer to the configure help ( ./configure --help ) if you need a to specify an installation prefix ( --prefix=... ) or any other specific setup.

Preliminary Apache setup

The next step is to make Apache HTTPd load the mod_smtpd module at runtime. Edit your Apache configuration file, and add the following to the rest of the LoadModule lines : LoadModule smtpd_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/ Or replace that directory with your default Apache 2.2 install directory.

mod_smtpd configuration

You now need to configure Apache to run mod_smtpd whenever a network connection comes in. We recommend this virtual host setup: NameVirtualHost :80


<VirtualHost :80>

# your webserver configuration here

</VirtualHost >


ServerName localhost

or whatever desired

SmtpProtocol On

# addition mod_smtpd

or associated plugin configuration here

</VirtualHost >