Please see the PREREQUISITES file.  If you are building httpd-apreq-2 
directly from svn, you can generate the list of prerequisites:

            % perl build/


FreeBSD/Solaris users must substitute "gmake" for "make" below.

Unix build, where libtool/automake/autoconf works:

            % ./configure --with-apache2-apxs=/path/to/apache2/bin/apxs
            % make
  (optional)% make test
            % make install
  (optional)% make docs_install

Or using the CPAN/perlish way (which includes the Apache2::Request and
Apache2::Cookie modules):

            % perl Makefile.PL --with-apache2-apxs=/path/to/apache2/bin/apxs
            % make
  (optional)% make test
            % make install
  (optional)% make docs_install

Developers and other folks using httpd-apreq-2 directly from svn need to
execute "./buildconf" prior to running "./configure".

Win32 build:
  C:\httpd-apreq-2> perl Makefile.PL
  C:\httpd-apreq-2> nmake
  C:\httpd-apreq-2> nmake test
  C:\httpd-apreq-2> nmake docs
  C:\httpd-apreq-2> nmake install

SVN (Subversion) ACCESS

Development of httpd-apreq-2 can be followed through the svn repository:

  $ svn checkout httpd-apreq-2

Developers with commit access must use the https protocol instead;
note that, if you are compiling svn from sources, you must
supply the configure script with the appropriate switch to
enable ssl.

Subversion sources, and binaries for some platforms, may be obtained
through the home page:

Documentation on using svn is available at: