2.18 under developement

Contributors looking for a mission

- just do an egrep on "TODO" or "XXX" and see what's there




- Should we switch to EU::MM for determining the full path to perl?
  The problem is that some folks move their perl binary post-installation,
  but never adjust  EU::MM is smart, by accepting a 
  full path in $^X or by searching the user's $PATH for $^X, before
  resorting to  However, if we change apreq2, we should also
  lobby test-dev to adopt the same solution for Apache::Test.  Otherwise
  our test suite will likely fail, even though the rest of the perl build
  system will presumably still work.

        +1: joes

- Drop ExtUtils::XSBuilder as the C API is fairly
  stable now.  The header parsing + xs generation stuff may be too 
  difficult for the community to maintain over ordinary .xs files.

        +1: pgollucci


- Get -libmodperl to work like it does in mod_perl land.

- Get static builds working again.

- Implement (some of) RFC 2184 in the multipart parser.

- Dump automake, preferably replacing that with more stuff from
  httpd/apr's build system.

- Move module/t to module/apache2/t.

- Figure out how and where the apreq_xs_ headers, and typemap file,
  should be installed.

- Write tests for the apache 1.3.x module.

- Fix the broken make dependencies, especially in the module 
  and glue subdirs.  The libtool workaround (for OSX IIRC) 
  that copies module/.libs to module/t is especially bogus.

- Round out the unit tests in library/t.  Ideally each
  API function should have its own tests, and each possible
  error status should be both tested & documented.  Also
  upgrade these tests to use the Apache::Test framework.

- in glue/perl/t/apreq/cgi.t on Win32, printing to the error log
  hangs if the strings involved are about 10000 in size.
  This doesn't occur in the env/cgi tests - why?

- Why must fprintf(stderr, ...), rather than
  apr_file_printf(err, ...), be used on Win32 in
  cgi_log() of src/apreq_env.c?

- Get env/ (Apache::Test) tests to work for --with-apache2-src option.
  Also add a test to configure that prevents simultaneous use of
  --with-apache2-src and --with-apache2-apxs.

- symbol exports files:
  -# aix needs .exp files

- Install the html dox during "make install".  Should we do this 
  for the doxy manpages also?

- Rework glue/perl build system to use apreq2-config instead of
  relying on paths like "../../src".


- Should we bundle an apr-based "application/xml" parser?  
  If so, how should we parse the xml data into an apr_table?


- Fix build automake/libtool/autoconf build system so it works
  properly on OSX & AIX.


- I [joes] wish folks would contribute some glue code for
  one of these:

  - php,
  - Rivet,
  - mod_dtcl, 
  - mod_python, 
  - mod_jk, 
  - tomcat,
  - mod_ruby,
  - mod_parrot.