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apreq_parser.h File Reference

Request body parser API. More...

#include "apreq_param.h"
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Data Structures

struct  apreq_hook_t
struct  apreq_parser_t
struct  apreq_hook_find_param_ctx_t




typedef struct apreq_hook_t apreq_hook_t
typedef struct apreq_parser_t apreq_parser_t
typedef apr_status_t(* apreq_parser_function_t) (APREQ_PARSER_ARGS)
typedef apr_status_t(* apreq_hook_function_t) (APREQ_HOOK_ARGS)
typedef struct apreq_hook_find_param_ctx_t apreq_hook_find_param_ctx_t


static APR_INLINE apr_status_t apreq_parser_run (struct apreq_parser_t *psr, apr_table_t *t, apr_bucket_brigade *bb)
static APR_INLINE apr_status_t apreq_hook_run (struct apreq_hook_t *h, apreq_param_t *param, apr_bucket_brigade *bb)
 APREQ_DECLARE_PARSER (apreq_parse_headers)
 APREQ_DECLARE_PARSER (apreq_parse_urlencoded)
 APREQ_DECLARE_PARSER (apreq_parse_multipart)
 APREQ_DECLARE_PARSER (apreq_parse_generic)
 APREQ_DECLARE_HOOK (apreq_hook_apr_xml_parser)
apreq_parser_tapreq_parser_make (apr_pool_t *pool, apr_bucket_alloc_t *ba, const char *content_type, apreq_parser_function_t pfn, apr_size_t brigade_limit, const char *temp_dir, apreq_hook_t *hook, void *ctx)
apreq_hook_tapreq_hook_make (apr_pool_t *pool, apreq_hook_function_t hook, apreq_hook_t *next, void *ctx)
apr_status_t apreq_parser_add_hook (apreq_parser_t *p, apreq_hook_t *h)
apreq_parser_function_t apreq_parser (const char *enctype)
apr_status_t apreq_register_parser (const char *enctype, apreq_parser_function_t pfn)
 APREQ_DECLARE_HOOK (apreq_hook_disable_uploads)
 APREQ_DECLARE_HOOK (apreq_hook_discard_brigade)
 APREQ_DECLARE_HOOK (apreq_hook_find_param)

Detailed Description

Request body parser API.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define APREQ_DECLARE_HOOK (   f)
Definition: apreq.h:60
Definition: apreq_parser.h:52
int apr_status_t

Declares an API hook.


Definition: apreq_parser.h:47

Declares a API parser.


apreq_hook_t *hook, \
apreq_param_t *param, \
apr_bucket_brigade *bb
Definition: apreq_parser.h:83

Hook arguments


apreq_parser_t *parser, \
apr_table_t *t, \
apr_bucket_brigade *bb
Definition: apreq_parser.h:93

Parser arguments.

Typedef Documentation

◆ apreq_hook_find_param_ctx_t

Context struct for the apreq_hook_find_param hook.

◆ apreq_hook_function_t

typedef apr_status_t(* apreq_hook_function_t) (APREQ_HOOK_ARGS)

The callback function of a hook. See apreq_hook_t.

◆ apreq_hook_t

typedef struct apreq_hook_t apreq_hook_t

A hook is called by the parser whenever data arrives in a file upload parameter of the request body. You may associate any number of hooks with a parser instance with apreq_parser_add_hook().

◆ apreq_parser_function_t

typedef apr_status_t(* apreq_parser_function_t) (APREQ_PARSER_ARGS)

The callback function implementing a request body parser.

◆ apreq_parser_t

A request body parser instance.

Function Documentation


APREQ_DECLARE_HOOK ( apreq_hook_apr_xml_parser  )

apr_xml_parser hook. It will parse until EOS appears. The parsed document isn't available until parsing has completed successfully. The hook's ctx pointer may be cast as (apr_xml_doc **) to retrieve the parsed document.


APREQ_DECLARE_HOOK ( apreq_hook_disable_uploads  )

Returns APREQ_ERROR_GENERAL. Effectively disables mfd parser if a file-upload field is present.


APREQ_DECLARE_HOOK ( apreq_hook_discard_brigade  )

Calls apr_brigade_cleanup on the incoming brigade after passing the brigade to any subsequent hooks.


APREQ_DECLARE_HOOK ( apreq_hook_find_param  )

Special purpose utility for locating a parameter during parsing. The hook's ctx should be initialized to an apreq_hook_find_param_ctx_t *, with the name attribute set to the sought parameter name, the param attribute set to NULL, and the prev attribute set to the address of the previous hook. The param attribute will be reassigned to the first param found, and once that happens this hook is immediately removed from the chain.

When used, this should always be the first hook invoked, so add it manually with ctx->prev = &parser->hook instead of using apreq_parser_add_hook.


APREQ_DECLARE_PARSER ( apreq_parse_generic  )

Generic parser. No table entries will be added to the req->body table by this parser. The parser creates a dummy apreq_param_t to pass to any configured hooks. If no hooks are configured, the dummy param's bb slot will contain a copy of the request body. It can be retrieved by casting the parser's ctx pointer to (apreq_param_t **).


APREQ_DECLARE_PARSER ( apreq_parse_headers  )

RFC 822 Header parser. It will reject all data after the first CRLF CRLF sequence (an empty line). See apreq_parser_run() for more info on rejected data.


APREQ_DECLARE_PARSER ( apreq_parse_multipart  )

RFC 2388 multipart/form-data (and XForms 1.0 multipart/related) parser. It will reject any buckets representing preamble and postamble text (this is normal behavior, not an error condition). See apreq_parser_run() for more info on rejected data.


APREQ_DECLARE_PARSER ( apreq_parse_urlencoded  )

RFC 2396 application/x-www-form-urlencoded parser.

◆ apreq_hook_make()

apreq_hook_t* apreq_hook_make ( apr_pool_t pool,
apreq_hook_function_t  hook,
apreq_hook_t next,
void *  ctx 

Construct a hook.

poolused to allocate the hook.
hookThe hook function.
nextList of other hooks for this hook to call on.
ctxHook's internal scratch pad.
New hook.

◆ apreq_hook_run()

static APR_INLINE apr_status_t apreq_hook_run ( struct apreq_hook_t h,
apreq_param_t param,
apr_bucket_brigade bb 

Run the hook with the current parameter and the incoming bucket brigade. The hook may modify the brigade if necessary. Once all hooks have completed, the contents of the brigade will be added to the parameter's bb attribute.

APR_SUCCESS on success. All other values represent errors.

◆ apreq_parser()

apreq_parser_function_t apreq_parser ( const char *  enctype)

Fetch the default parser function associated with the given MIME type.

enctypeThe desired enctype (can also be a full "Content-Type" header).
The parser function, or NULL if the enctype is unrecognized.

◆ apreq_parser_add_hook()

apr_status_t apreq_parser_add_hook ( apreq_parser_t p,
apreq_hook_t h 

Add a new hook to the end of the parser's hook list.

hHook to append.

◆ apreq_parser_make()

apreq_parser_t* apreq_parser_make ( apr_pool_t pool,
apr_bucket_alloc_t ba,
const char *  content_type,
apreq_parser_function_t  pfn,
apr_size_t  brigade_limit,
const char *  temp_dir,
apreq_hook_t hook,
void *  ctx 

Construct a parser.

poolPool used to allocate the parser.
babucket allocator used to create bucket brigades
content_typeContent-type that this parser can deal with.
pfnThe parser function.
brigade_limitthe maximum in-memory bytes a brigade may use
temp_dirthe directory used by the parser for temporary files
hookHooks to associate this parser with.
ctxParser's internal scratch pad.
New parser.

◆ apreq_parser_run()

static APR_INLINE apr_status_t apreq_parser_run ( struct apreq_parser_t psr,
apr_table_t t,
apr_bucket_brigade bb 

Parse the incoming brigade into a table. Parsers normally consume all the buckets of the brigade during parsing. However parsers may leave "rejected" data in the brigade, even during a successful parse, so callers may need to clean up the brigade themselves (in particular, rejected buckets should not be passed back to the parser again).

bb == NULL is valid: the parser should return its public status: APR_INCOMPLETE, APR_SUCCESS, or an error code.

◆ apreq_register_parser()

apr_status_t apreq_register_parser ( const char *  enctype,
apreq_parser_function_t  pfn 

Register a new parsing function with a MIME enctype. Registered parsers are added to apreq_parser()'s internal lookup table.

enctypeThe MIME type.
pfnThe function to use during parsing. Setting parser == NULL will remove an existing parser.
APR_SUCCESS or error.