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In order to run properly, mod_mbox needs some configuration. Here follows a list and description of all configuration directives understood by mod_mbox.

MboxIndex Directive

Activate mod_mbox index.

    MboxIndex On|Off
Setting this option to On will tell mod_mbox to handle directory listing. This will display a nice web page with mailing list information, links to each month and the message count for each mailbox.

Default is Off

MboxRootPath Directive

Set archives root directory.

    MboxRootPath /archives/
Specify the mail archives root directory, relative to webserver's DocumentRoot. When set, mod_mbox will add Site Index link on generated webpages, letting the user fall back to the list of mailing list archives hosted on the server.

MboxStyle Directive

Set archives stylesheet file.

    MboxStyle /archives/style.css
When set, mod_mbox will use this stylesheet file. The path is relative to the webserver's DocumentRoot. This is highly recommended since the dynamic browser won't work as expected without a correct stylesheet.

The ASF's default stylesheet is bundled with mod_mbox sources and releases. Using it is generally a good start.

MboxScript Directive

Set mod_mbox 's javascript file.

    MboxScript /archives/archives.js
When set, you will be able to use mod_mbox 's dynamic browsing interface, an AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) application. A working javascript file is bundled with mod_mbox , don't forget to copy it if you want to use it !

MboxHideEmpty Directive

Hide empty mailboxes from index listing.

    MboxHideEmpty On|Off
This directive tells mod_mbox to hide empty (with zero message) mailboxes from his index listings.

Default is On

MboxAntispam Directive

Enable email obfuscation.

    MboxAntispam On|Off
This directive tells mod_mbox to enable a content-destructive email obfuscation, thus avoiding spam to mailing list users. For exemple, will be converted to

Default is On