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In order to work more efficiently with your translations and keep them up-to-date, it's recommended that you download the svn repository into your computer, so you can regularly check what english files have been updated since your last visit/change, and transfer these changes to your existing translated files. Also, in this manner, you will be able to build locally the doc (transform it to HTML files) in order to see how your changes look like.

Doc manual is divided in branches:

Good to see what has already been translated and whether it's up to date or not.

Downloading svn repository

In order to work properly, you have to download the doc tree (svn repository) onto your computer:

New translations

Translate documents that are not yet translated as shown in Translations document.

Maintaining your translations

There are several ways to do that. Here is the method I use since several years; its probably not the best, but it will help you to get started.


Feel free to send your questions to